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Want to find out more? Engage players Committed table game enthusiasts, players migrating over from slots and new casino players alike all love Blaze Roulette. Educate Players Approaching a gaming table for the first time or as an inexperienced player can be daunting, Blaze Roulette removes the uncertainty of the game process, educating players and allowing them to feel at ease at the table. From clearly displaying the game state to highlighting winning numbers and payouts, Blaze can help turn Roulette novices into confident Roulette players within a couple of games. Aid Dealer Accuracy The dealers main focus should always be the player, with dealing the game becoming second nature and seamless. The clear game prompts from Place Your Bets through to Finish Betting and the illumination of the winning number and payouts, assists with dealer accuracy and allows dealers to remain focused on providing the best possible player experience.

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